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Chloé Tissot-Daguette

Certified acupuncture practionist

Certification in Chinese medecine fundamentals studies

ASCA member

Holding a dual citizenship (Swiss and French), I was born and grew up in the South West of France, and got the chance to live in other parts of the world during my studies and professional life.

My path has finally lead me to Switzerland, and given me the opportunity to better get to know this part of my origins.

My encounter with Chinese medicine and acupuncture did not happen early on in my life but has been a gate to a « second life ». What fascinated me were its alternative and/or complementary solutions to occidental medecine, and due to the fact that it offers new ways towards health when occidental medecine is coming to a dead end.

​Its holistic approach is what makes it so powerful and this is a particularly important aspect to consider in order for me to offer the best possible treatment for my patients.

From my first professional life, rooted in occidental, cartesian science, I keep an analytical mindset which I can apply to Chinese medine, in order to determine the mechanisms behind a person's illness... I « simply » (and drastically) change the referential I 'm working in !

​I am looking forward to meeting you very soon !

Chloé Tissot-Daguette

Chloé Tissot-Daguette - Acupuncture
Education and training

2014-2017 : Institut Supérieur de Médecine Chinoise - Guang Ming ISMC 

2017 : Internship at the China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center 

2018 : Training on Abdominal acupuncture - Dave Shipsey

2018 : Training on NADA protocole  - NADA Europe - Sylvie Wyler, Mélinda Akongo

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