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The N.A.D.A. protocole

National Acupuncture Detoxification Association - also called Acudetox

Overview of its origins

This method is based of the ear acupuncture method formalised by Nogier, who established a "map" of ear acupuncture points (points that had been used for thousands of years), in the 70's. 

The neuro-surgeon Hsiang-Lai Wen discovered the effects of ear acupuncture in reducing opium withdrawal symptoms. The current protocole has first been developped in the United States at the Lincoln Hospital, to be part of a detoxication program for heroin addicts, and was further fine-tuned by Dr Michael Smith to get to this final protocole.


Since then, this protocole using 3 or 5 needles, has been used in many different contexts and with beneficial outcomes such as :

- many different detoxification institutions throughout the world with effects on reducing the withdrawal symptoms, insomnia, suicidal thoughts,

- post-traumatic stress disorder management : a clinic was set up after September 11 in New York city. This protocole was also used after the Katrina and Rita storms, after the Kasemir earthquake, in refugee camps in Burma in 2001, among other instances.

- improvements of sleeping disorders,

- ecreasing tensions in carceral environment,

- support of medical staff, in the E.R. staff, firefighters 

It is important to consider this protocole as a piece of the puzzle when it comes to treating addiction or other conditions.

This method is Indeed part of a broader treatment protocole : in the case of addictions, it is not sufficient to come to an end with drugs. But it is offten used as a first phase, encouraging the addict to discover their internal resources that will enable them to integrate a program or a broader treatment protocole, and to stay within that program.

The outcomes of the NADA treatment: 

- a relaxing feeling

- less tension, stress, also felt in accute situations

- specifically for addictions : a reduction of withdrawal symptoms, of drug-induced dreams

- improved sleep 

- reduction of fatigue 

- lower pain levels

What does the protocole consist of :

It involves inserting 5 thin needles on each ear, and leaving them in place between 30 and 45 minutes. 

The benefits : it can be practices without verbal exchange as it is a set protocole, and this is useful for example when dealing with important traumas or in the context of drug addiction treatment. Interpersonal Relationship can be difficul tor even terrifying to some people and does not represent an obstacle with NADA. 

The low cost of this tratement is certainly a huge advantage in some situations and allows to perform NADA regardless of wealth.

References and useful links :


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